Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi’s ex-brother-in-law dismisses accusations against his brother; Labels their marriage as, “a disaster”

Mandana Karimi’s ex-brother-in-law and Gaurav Gupta’s brother, Gautam Gupta labelled her allegations as false.

Mandana Karimi has created lots of news for a few days especially when she accused a director of impregnating her and forcing her to abort their child on Ekta Kapoor backed Lock Upp reality show. But before this, Mandana has also been levelling charges against her ex-husband Gaurav Gupta and his family.

Since, nobody from Gaurav Gupta’s family talked about this, not even Gaurav Gupta himself.  But now, after creating lots of speculations, Gaurav Gupta’s brother, actor Gautam Gupta, who played a part in Ekta Kapoor’s soap opera ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.’ He now opens up about this whole controversy and voiced his opinion on that.


When asked about Mandana Karimi’s allegations against his family and his brother, he said, “If we talk about the things she has done after her marriage with my brother Gaurav… But we don’t want to make our family into a drama. Why react when people talk only about abuse and accusations?”

He said, “My mother has thousands of respectable ladies in her circle,” when asked about Mandana’s allegations against his mother.

When he was asked is know all this then they accepted her at first, he replied, “Mistakes can happen. People can be misled. But thank God it got over before something terribly dirty happened.”

He later added, “Kahaaniyan sunoge toh to you will be shocked. It was all a disaster. Gaurav wouldn’t care a damn about her, now,” when asked about her past moment in which she said that she still loved Gaurav.

Later on, he dubbed Mandana’s allegation as “Rubbish” in which she said that Gaurav cheated on her.

When asked about Mandana’s recent controversy about the mysterious director, he said, “She’s stupid. Aisa bolne se usko aage taqleef hogi zindagi mein. People will laugh at her. Does one play a game in a show like this? Frankly, for us, she is inconsequential.”

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