Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi loses her calms as she she has to cook food for everyone, when it’s not her kitchen duty

In the upcoming episode of Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi is furious. She is about the factor that she only need to cook even if it is not her duty.

In the most controversial show Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi gets furious upon Ali Merchant and says that she found a strand of hair in her food. She needs to cook for people even if it is not her duty. No one comes up to help her during that time. She says that no one is responsible enough to cook and clean and have the food. She shouts out saying that, “If you have so many problems then go clean yourself and cook.” She goes on to add the, “no one has come over here to become anyone’s maid.” Ali Merchant agrees with her. Ali tries to explain her but she didn’t even listened to him.

Mandana gets furious and says that the area gets very dirty and no one is responsible to clean the area. She says that, “it is not my duty to clean the dirty room.” Munawar says that yesterday there was some thrash in one corner and Munawar warned out to people that it is only Mandana who cleans the area. Mandana says to him, “I am not talking to you, and tells him to not say anything.” Munawar tries to explain the situation to her, and tells Mandana that anyone can get trigged in that particular situation.