Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi hides Anjali Arora’s shoes which welcomes a new wave of war inside the jail

Mandana karimi hides Anjali Arora’s shoes for a task given to her, later faces consequences.

The badass jail of Ekta Kapoor has Atyachari khel for the kaidis. In the recent episode of the Lock Upp Mandana Karimi has been accused of throwing off Anjali Arora’s shoes turns out was doing it for a task given to her.
Contestant Munawar Faruqui questions Mandana Karimi on hiding Anjali Arora’s shoes, soon after which Anjali Arora, Poonam Pandey and Mandana Karimi are seen getting into an argument where Anjali Arora accuses Mandana Karimi for hiding her shoes says, “Mere shoes waha se mile hai Mandana ne chhupaye the, chhupaye kya fenk diye”.
Poonam Pandey comes and asks that who found the shoes to which Anjali Arora agrees that Mandana Karimi confessed it to her.
Anjali Arora continues to say, “But Mandana sorry to say, this is not the way”. Bashes Mandana Karimi saying, “agar aapko kuch bhi karna hai to muh pe bolo” .
To which Mandana Karimi replied to Anjali saying she hasn’t thrown away nor damaged her shoes, she did it for the task.