Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi claims that everyone is calling Anjali Arora a liar! Read to know what’s happening

According to Mandana Karimi, everyone thinks that Anjali Arora is a liar because of her revealed secret.

Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp reality programme has been one of the most intriguing shows on OTT in recent days. Every day, something new appears on the set of the show.

No matter how many masks contestants wear, the truth about themselves emerges throughout their time on the programme. Every day, a new twist and secret are revealed on the show, such as the most recent one.


Mandana Karami recently revealed something about Anjali Arora’s dark secret which she shared 2 weeks ago because of a given task. Actually, while Anjali and Mandana are seated in the yard area, Anjali inquires about how the outside world looked at her.

To which Mandana irritably responds that everyone outside is labelling her a liar since the secret she told about her Russian manager appears to be a lie to everyone and some people even think that she did something else more than what she said about that night.

Anjali on this said in despair that this was the truth and she don’t care about the people outside. She also added that who they to judge her. On this, Mandana says that only those people will judge and the judge is the audience. She also added how can she disrespect her audience.

In one of the Lock Upp episodes, social media influencer Anjali Arora who is now a contestant on Lock Upp confessed a secret from her past in order to save herself from eviction.

When Anjali was nominated in the first week of December last year, along with Chakrapani and four other competitors, she said that she travelled to Russia and was attracted to the receptionist of her hotel and that they later went to a party together. No one knows about this except Anjali herself and that receptionist.