Lock Upp: Karanvir Bohra talks about his strategy of creating fake love angle with Anjali Arora; Tags it as a “blunder”

Karanvir Bohra again opens up about his plan to make a false love angle with Anjali Arora.


Anjali Arora, an inmate in Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Up, revealed that Karanvir Bohra asked her to create a fake love story with him, which drew a lot of attention. Later, jailer Karan Kundrra scolded him for playing a ‘dirty game,’ to which Karanvir apologised and said that it was an obvious error. Now, Karanvir acknowledged developing a love angle with Anjali after getting evicted from the programme for the second time, but he stated he did it on purpose since he knew he was being watched.
He explained, “Without a question, that was a blunder. However, I believe reality shows cover a wide range of topics. Things are written and angles are generated at times, and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. Relationships can be genuine and spontaneous at times. I thought this was a new and different show, so I’ll give it a shot. I thought this would be a safe angle, so I talked to Anjali about it. She said it should come from your side, and I couldn’t do it since I’m married.”

He further added, “I had made it plain to her that it would be one-sided in order to protect both her and myself from appearing cheap. I also warned her that it will vanish in a few days because Shivam had a crush on Sara and it died because she didn’t value it. I had no interest in her and this was the exact proposal. I had no idea she had a boyfriend outside at the time. She had every right to refuse me at that point, but instead, she gave me a thumbs up.”

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