Lock Upp: Karanvir Bohra slams Anjali Arora for assassinating Payal Rohatgi’s character; says, “How low this girl can go?”

Karanvir Bohra criticizes Anjali Arora, Prince Narula and Shivam Sharma for making fun of Payal’s character.

In the last several days, big conflicts and disagreements have occurred over Lock Upp, which is nearing its conclusion. In the most recent episode, Anjali Arora and Payal Rohatgi got into an ugly brawl in which things went out of hand and the two made some pretty hurtful personal remarks about each other. Anjali Arora accused Payal Rohatgi of attempting to have an affair with ex-contestant Karanvir Bohra in order to stay in the game. Payal lost her calm when she heard of this, as Prince Narula and Shivam Sharma were also backing Anjali in the battle, and things quickly escalated.

Now, Karanvir Bohra reacted to this whole controversy, saying that he is shocked at Anjali Arora’s statement.


He told ETimes, “Payal and I would never do that. I am amazed that Shivam is laughing like that on such a big thing. I just saw the part and I am really appalled at how low this girl Anjali Arora can go. I saw that Super Khabri’s statement also, Anjali completely manipulated the statement. The super khabri said Payal had said masti mein sabke saamne that ‘If I would not be dating Sangram, I would have an affair with you’. I was also laughing at that. It was a joke and I was laughing over it. Even the super khabri said woh toh Mazak mein bola tha usne… she twisted the entire thing and made an accusation on Payal. She is actually putting it on Payal and then the character assassinating her.”

He added, “Anybody would be irritated with such an accusation. It was a joke but you can’t turn a joke into an accusation on someone’s character. I don’t have words to say. Insaan kuch bhi kar lega thoda aage badhne ke liye, news mein aane ke liye, to grab eyeballs or be in the limelight and this is unbelievable.”

Though Karanvir defends Payal against the insults directed at her character, he does not support the latter’s swearing of the contestants. He went on to praise er game, saying, “I am very proud of Payal the way she is standing tall against the whole gang.”

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