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Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut recalls her scandal with Hrithik Roshan; says, “Married men have a charm”

Actress Kangana Ranaut while talking to munawar Faruqui and his secret about his wife and Child tells the comedian that she understands that ‘ Married Men have a charm,’ and that she was in a situation like this.


In the latest judgment day episode, a lot of secrets were out one of them being about everyone’s favorite Munawar Faruqui, During the discussions on Lock Upp, Munawar Faruqui was shown a picture from social media that has been going viral for a few days, Kangana asked him if he’d like to elaborate on this topic, The picture, a hazy version shown on the show, had Munawar posing with a woman and a kid.

Munawar in his defense said, “I don’t want to talk about this. Not on social media, not on a platform like Lock Upp. This is not something I want to talk about.”

Hearing him say this made Kangana too open up on this topic and recall a past event in her life that has impacted the actress’s life deeply, she said “ Kangana then said, “Every girl falls into the charm of married men. I speak from personal experience. I am not talking about you, but maybe it happens because they are domesticated and they are more understanding. They are responsible and have that aura around them that charms young women.” She further added, “Wo kahani bana ke rakhte hain ki kaha phans gaya, bichara hoon. Same story. Munawar interrupted to say it is not the same story as both the situations are different from each other.

Kangana assured him that she was not talking about him and added, “I am not talking about you but many girls will relate, girls who are at a young age. Mere saath kafi bada scandal ban gayi. Aisa lagta hai biwi se aap hi bacha sakte ho, but biwi ki sun lo to kaan se khoon nikal aaye.”

Kangana further told Munawar that he can use this platform as an opportunity to come clean to his audience who live to see him on the show and supports him day and night. Listening to Kangana say this he added that, they have been living separately for more than a year, and the matter is in court.

It is very evident with the way Kangana talked that she was mentioning none other than Hrithik Roshan as both were in a relationship while Hrithik was still married this explains her own words that ‘Married Men have a charm.’

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