Lock Upp: Is there something brewing up between Munawar Faruqui and Azma Fallah, as the former says, “She is very cute”

In the lock upp leak Munawar Faruqui did a positive comment on Azma Fallah and said, “she is very cute, no doubt.”

In the most controversial show lock upp, the cutest contestant who is known for her cuteness in the entire jail, is no doubt Azma Fallah. She is known for her cuteness among everyone. In the lock upp it is seen that Munawar too commented on Azma’s cuteness and says, “bahut cute hai.” Poonam too says, “paayari lati hai yeh.” Munawar on hearing this says, “paayari toh hai aur cute bhi bahut hail akin jab tak muh band rakhti hai.” If she opens up her mouth then everything goes upside down, says Munawar.

Munawar says to Azma “tu muhe bakra bol sakti hai toh phir mei tujhe batak nahi bol sakta, zadya star maat baan.” Munawar says Azma sits like a duck, and even at times walk like that too. Munawar says, the moment we all go outside people should know that her age is 35. He says, “yeh Azma khala hai, Azma Fallah nahi hai Azma khala hai.” On hearing all this Poonam says, “Imagine for a twenty three old girl she is very kid still now.” Payal too says, “And she has made a bungalow for her family.” Poonam says, “Wow! How beautiful is that, kitni baadi baat hai yeh haar ladki k liye.”  Munawar on hearing this says “kitna bada bungalow hai tera.”