Lock Upp: Is is revenge time? Contestants get a chance to pour ‘kichaad’ on each other

In the judgment day, host Kangana brings up a twist where all the contestants get the opportunity to pour “kichaad”, on each other.


In the most controversial show lock upp, the time has come were everyone will get to take a revenge against each other through a game. Yes! Host Kangana bought a twist in the game where the contestant will get the opportunity to pour “kichaad”, on each other. There are several container filled with “kichaad”, and carries a tag on it. The contestant gets the opportunity to decide from which drum they are going to pour the “kichaad.”

Saisha takes up “asthin ka saap”, and pours it all over Anjali and says, “woh mere yaha ake Munawar ki buraai karti hai,Munawar k yaha kaake meri buraai karti hai.” Prince comes up and takes the, “naak mei dum tag”, and lifts up the entire container and pours the kichaad on her. After which Azma splashes “akaal ka dushmaan”, kichaad on Prince. Shivam gives “kutte kid dumm”, kichaad to Payal and says, “yeh kutte kid dumm hai inko jitna maariji bol lo ki lakin kutte ki puch tadi ki tadi hi rahegi.” Poonam gives Kichaad to Anjali from “asthin ka saap”, and says “jo dosti karne ka bahana karti hai yah ape aur phir jis tarike sepit piche war karti hai.” Munawar gives “kutte kid dumm”, to Payal, in return, Payal again gives the “kutte ki dumm” to Munawar and says, “He doesn’t works at all.”