Lock Upp: Huge dispute within the orange team- Mandana Karimi calls Anjali Arora, “A fu***** junglee kachra”

A huge argument erupted between the members of the orange team, which soon escalated into calling each other names and blame games.

In the latest episode of the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ a huge fight erupted between the members of the orange team, the issue started with Zeeshan khan talking about Karanvir Bohra being an average leader for his team as the whole orange team is somewhere depending on Karanvir. Taking his concerns to Shivam Sharma, Zeeshan opens up to which Shivam says about Karanvir that he is a ’Nakli and Farzi actor.’

Zeeshan then goes to Karanvir and Mandana Karimi who were sitting down talking to each other and tells them, “You guys back out at any time You want and Jump in any time you all want, what is going on!” Karanvir then breaks into a fit of rage and replies to Zeeshan by saying, “Get lost, look at that attitude.” To which Zeeshan simply replies this is not attitude KV.


Mandana Karimi is then seen Escalating the conversation and saying, ”I will back out as many Fu***** times I want to,’ hearing her make this statement Anjali Arora who is also part of the orange teams says, if Mandana will behave like this and make such statements then she (Anjali) too will back out at the end moment Then the team will see what happens.

This erupted the argument to the extent that there were two groups seen in the orange team one consisting of Karanvir and Mandana and the other containing Anjali, Zeeshan, and Shivam Sharma. Anjali made a statement,” If we three are doing we’ll do, baaki ko bhar mai jane do.”

Hearing Anjali say this made Mandana come to her and argue about why Anjali is, Again and again, saying ’We three’ and excluding her and Karanvir. This made both the contestants Angry with one another and Mandana spilled water on their preparations for the competition. Mandana then calls Anjali a fu***** junglee and kachra. Anjali then ends by saying you are the one who ruins everything in the team.

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