Lock Upp: Hilarious! Payal Rohatgi mimics Munawar Faruqui; Latter applauds her skills

In the lock upp leak, Payal Rohatgi is seen doing a funny mimicry of Munawar Faruqui after the task. Later on seeing this Munawar too joins her in the mimicry.

In the most controversial show lock upp, Payal Rohatgi is one of the most controversial contestants of the show. At times is seen fighting with other contestants and at times she does the mimicry of someone. This time after the task she starts doing the mimicry of Munawar Faruqui. Payal says to Munawar that he got very upset after Payal understood the “Dominos task”, the moment she starts to do the mimicry she even leaves her food and goes on to do the mimicry.

Payal is seen saying the same dialogues and conversations which Munawar said exactly after the task, had happened. Payal starts to in act too and on seeing this, Munawar and Anjali at first don’t replay. Payal starts to slam Munawar as she is seen in acting the exact situation that took place after collecting the tiles. Payal even comes in front of Munawar and starts to in act along with the dialogues which were said by Munawar. On hearing all this Anjali too starts to smile. Even starts to stop Payal from doing the mimicry. Even after seeing all this at the end Shivam comes up banging a steel plate and Munawar too joins along with Shivam and starts to starts to dance along with him.