Lock Upp: Here’s why Munawar Faruqui apologized to Anjali Arora’s mother

Munawar Faruqui apologizes to Anjali Arora’s mother for some reason.


The reality programme, presented by Kangana Ranaut, became a sensation ass everyone is talking about it. While the show is always full of drama and entertainment, the recent episodes are tear-jerking as the contestants’ families entered the show.

While the contestants were overjoyed to see their family members after such a long time, the viewers were also overjoyed to see them. Similarly, when Anjali Arora met her mother, she became emotional. After discussing a variety of things, Anjali’s mother urged her to avoid Munawar because he is also receiving her share of votes. She also told her not to trust anyone.

Later on, Munawar issued an apology to Anjali’s mother and told her, “Ek baar isne mere kapde dhoye, main sorry hu aunty uske liye.”

Her mother was able to answer him in a timely manner. She expressed herself as follows:  “There’s no need to apologise as she considers you as her own. Hence, she helped you.”

She was later seen to give sympathy to Munawar as he doesn’t have a mother and told him to consider her as her mother.

Shivam Sharma has been named as one of the reality show’s finalists. Munawar Faruqui, who is widely regarded as one of Lock Upp’s most likely winners, has also qualified for the finale, which is set to take place next month.