Lock Upp: Here’s why contestants are busy bursting balloons in the jail

In the lock upp leak, the contestants are seen playing fun game of popping the balloons without using hands.

In lock upp, the troublemaker Prince Narula has come up with an idea of a fun game. Where the contestants need to pop the balloons without touching hands. Prince says that there is only thirty seconds for each one of them, and Poonam Pandey is given the responsibility to count the number of balloons popped by the contestants. At first Munawar Faruqui and Ali Merchant form a group, were the balloon will be placed in between both of them, and it needs to popped without touching it. Munawar starts to pop the balloons, and Ali stands as a guard. Everyone is seen supporting and cheering for them. Munawar quickly arranges the balloon and pops it out very quickly. Anjali is seen helping him by providing the balloons.

Poonam is seen counting out loud the number of balloons, when both of them are popping.  Munawar pops eleven balloons in thirty seconds, after that Ali gets the chance to pop the balloons, and Munawar stands as a guard in front of him. Ali too quickly places the balloon and is seen popping them.  Poonam says, Ali was given one minute time. Whereas Anjali says he has popped forty balloons. Shivam says that this is not possible how could he pop forty balloons, he was given a longer period of time.

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