Lock Upp: Here’s why Azma Fallah thinks that Saisha Shinde will be eliminated next

Azma Fallah recently revealed that she thinks that Saisha Shinde will be the next contestant who will be eliminated.

The Lock Upp reality show, which features various controversial contestants from different fields, is now on the verge of its end as the show is now going towards its finale week.

Till now, the show hosted by Kangana Ranaut has seen so many things. Some are funny in nature, while some are controversial.


The recent promo reveals why Azma Fallah thinks that Saisha will be the one who will be eliminated next.

Payal discussed Saisha with Poonam and Azma, saying, “See, the whole thing with Saisha is that she is not able to separate her emotional zone from her game zone. Wo uska drawback hai.

Azma then pointed out, “Payal jiske bhi piche padti hai na, wo Saturday ke din chala jaata hai. Mujhe lg rha hai Saisha ke sitaare gardish me hai.

The other two burst out laughing when they hear this.

Azma then went on to explain why she thinks that way. She explained, “Kyuki Mandana ke jaane se pehle Mandana, Mandana bol bolke bol bolke, Mandana minded kr diya tha or wo ushi din chali gyi. Ab ye Saisha ka naam le rhi hai. Mujhe wo lg rha hai, doubt ho rha hai ki pta nhi kal, kahi meri jagah Saisha na nikal jae. Aisa hoga shayad.

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