Lock Upp: Here’s why Anjali Arora tells Mandana Karimi and Zeeshan Khan that they share a good coordination

The ‘Lock Upp’ contestants are seen playing with a football inside the jail. Anjali Arora, Zeeshan Khan, and Mandana Karimi enjoy their time.

The reality show ‘Lock Upp’ has become a little serious in the past few days, to brighten the viewer’s day inmates Anjali Arora, Zeeshan Khan, and Mandana Karimi enjoy their time in the jail by playing football inside the jail. the tree looked happy while playing otherwise, they might be fighting with one another over a simple comment. this made people understand that the show is more than just shouting your opinion and having arguments with your co-contestants.

In the clip, Anjali Arora can be seen struggling while playing the game, with the other two making fun of her by saying things like, ‘The way she is playing it looks like she doesn’t know how to use her legs.’ to which Anjali says she dies not to know how to use them, the three laugh on the bizarre conversation and continue playing the game.


Both Zeeshan and Mandana tell her how to play the game and to see the three of them calmly communicate with one another made the fans think, ‘Is it the beginning of a new friendship?’ Anjali then stops playing while telling Zeeshan and Mandana,” Tum dono khelo, accha coordination hai tumhara.”

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