Lock Upp: Have a look- Mandana Karimi tags Anjali Arora as ‘Munawar Faruqui’s little bi*ch’

Mandana Karimi after having an argument with the other inmates for completing the punishment, calls KV a spoiled brat and Anjali Arora, Munawar Faruqui’s little bi*tch on camera.

Lock upp has always been show with great tasks and punishments, in the Lock up where kaidis do all the jail chores by themselves. Mandana refuses to do the dishes saying she doesn’t eat the inside food. Anjali Arora claimed that she did the dishes with KV earlier and it is Mandana Karimi’s turn.
Mandana Karimi gets pissed at KV, asks makers who made him the leader says, “kaha se dikhrahe hai wo leader”…Says she’s good friends with TJ but never liked KV because, “ he’sa spoiled brat, he’s a untrusty worthy person, aur unka dil achha bhi nahi hai”….
Mandana karimi says KV his friends even in real life, calls only when he needs someone said “ aur yaha pe bhi same cheez kar rahe hai”….
Mandana karimi went on to call Anjali Arora, Munawar Faruqui’s little bi*tch said, “ jo Munawar ka kapde dhorahi hai hath se, uske bartan ddhirahi hai hath se”…. Says Anjal Arora acts sick all the time and when the task comes up she jumps in says, “when the task comes, wo theek ho jati hai magically. Lekin jab gharka kaam ayega ye tareeka hai unka”.