Lock Upp: Have a look- Azma Fallah receives the ‘guru mantra’ on how to play the game, from Payal Rohatgi

The duo Payal Rohatgi and Azma Fallah were in the dinning area when Payal reveals her angst for Shivam sharma’s abusive behaviour and shares her guru mantra with Azma Fallah.

In the recent episodes audience has seen sparks of conflicts between besties Payal Rohatgi and Shivam Sharma. Earlier both were seen getting into an argument after the task and demeaning each other’s performances. Shivam Sharma also called Payal Rohatgi ‘ehsan faramosh’.
In the recent episode of the OTT show Lock Upp Payal Rohatgi and Azma Fallah were seen in the dining area where initially Payal expresses her anger against Shivam Sharma. She also says he’s not the part of her strategy or game plan now.
Azma Fallah also adds that Shivam Sharma disrespects anyone he is speaking to says, “badtameezi se bath karta hai”.
Payal Rohatgi then goes on to tell, Azma Fallah to stop giving content to Shivam Sharma says, “jaise tumne usko waxing wala content tumne diya usko, tum nahi karti to koi nahi karta….” Continues to say, “wo waise bhi ek boring insaan hai, aur boring hogaya hai. Aur wo koi bahot waise entertaining nahi hai, par baki sab se better hai….” Says only speaks infront of her and raises his tone. Payal Rohatgi also says, “to iska muh khulta sirf Payal Rohatgi ke samne. To isko maine namak haram bolke sahi kiya”.