Lock Upp: From Anjali Arora-Munawar Faruqui’s bond to ex-spouses Sara Khan-Ali Merchant’s ugly spat; here are top updates that you missed today

Here are top 5 updates from the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ that you missed today. Check it out.

Here are top 5 updates from the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ that you missed today

Munawar Faruqui gets emotional as Anjali Arora takes care of him; says, “Tera hath de mujhe”


Lock Upp contestant and comedian Munawar Faruqui got emotional as Anjali Arora is seen taking care of him. In the live feed it was seen that Anjali is taking extreme care of him as he wasn’t well today. Moreover, the comedian was seen quite emotional as he said, “Tera hath de mujhe.”  Read here

Ex-spouses Sara Khan and Ali Merchant enter into a verbal spat

Sara Khan has not been pleased with her former husband Ali Merchant’s entry as wildcard contestant. Today, the ex-spouses were seen fighting so badly and loudly that almost all contestants became frustrated. Read here

Fans announce their winner of the show; Tags the contestant as, “Mastermind, Focused and Entertaining”

Fans predict Munawar Faruqui as the winner of the show

Munawar Faruqui is one such contestant whose game is loved by all. Fans have started predicting the winner as well and see him lifting the trophy. On the other hand they also mentioned some other contestants who have winner qualities. Read here

Blue team gets a Secret Task; here’s all the funny characters’ details

the blue team were given one secret task where they had to play some characters– Munawar Faruqui- stupid, Poonam Pandey-seductive queen, Sara Khan-Attention seeker and Shivam Sharma-lover boy and Karavir Bohra- Cranky. Here are some tweets the contestants received from Twitterati Read here

Shivam Sharma gets into an ugly spat with Ali Merchant; here’s how Sara Khan reacts

Sara Khan’s ex-husband Ali Merchant entered as the first wildcard contestant few days ago. Another side, Shivam Sharma shared his one-sided feelings for Sara previously. To this, viewers were so much excited to see some twist on the same. In the live stream, we just got to experience some inconvenience between Shivam and Ali. After their ugly brawl, Sara Khan was seen extremely upset, moreover, she stated that Read here