Lock Upp: Find out why Karanvir Bohra tells Mandana Karimi- “Yaha se bahar jaate hi tumhare pair chulunga”

Misunderstanding between Mandana Karimi and Karanvir Bohra escalated as Karanvir told her that if what you are saying is the truth I will touch your feel as soon as I leave the show.

In the live feed of the show, Mandana Karimi and Karanvir Bohra were seen having a conversation that involved Karanvir’s wife teejay Sidhu. Karanvir told her that someone told him that Mandana spoke some things about his wife that Karanvir did not like. he further tells her that the way she is portraying his and his wife’s image to the viewers is not acceptable to him and he finds it to be very shameful. though the topic of the conversation was not deeply discussed by the two as there are many cuts in the live feed thus making the viewers unaware of what exactly did Karanvir hear or what was he told about.

Mandana after hearing him make accusations about her tells him directly that she did not say anything of this nature on camera or to anyone in the house, maybe he was misinformed by the person who told him this thing in the first place thus creating a huge misunderstanding between the two. Mandana tells him clearly that she has no intention to do such a thing maybe someone is trying to fill his head with thoughts like this so this topic escalates into a fight between the two.


She advises Karanvir that, if he does not believe her he should go out and see in the clips if she has ever said anything of such nature as she is well aware that he is a father of three kids and that makes her respect him as a person. listening to her say every sincerity makes Karanvir confused as to whom he should put his trust. he says he will surely go out and see all the videos and if he decided not to trust Mandana now, then he will come to say sorry and will touch her feet if she was in the right the whole time.

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