Lock Upp: Find out, who as per Kangana Ranaut, is the “Laaton ka Bhoot” in the jail

Kangana asks a hilarious question to all contestants on the judgment day.

Entertainment on Lock Upp reality show is a never-ending saga. There is always something new that pops up on the show and audiences are curious to know about what will happen next.

In the recent promo of the show which was shared by ALT Balaji’s Twitter handle, host Kangana Ranaut was seen asking contestants, “Aapke opinion me wo kon hai jo laaton ka bhoot hai?” during the judgement day episode.


After this, the promo gives us glimpses of some of the episode’s parts. First, Saisha answers the question by calling Payal and saying, “Maine bahut baar koshish ki hai Payal ke saath connection banana saku.” And then after this, she kicked Payal with an artificial leg made up of plastic and other stuffs.

Second, Payal chooses Zeeshan for this and said, “I have a problem with him because I feel uska dimaag chalta hi nahi hai.” After this, Zeeshan’s turn came in, during which he chooses Payal and said, “I think ke akele ke liye officially ek team banani chaiye to ye laat mai Payal ko.”

When Anjali’s turn came, she called Mandana Karimi and said, “Please aap Payal matt bano.”

After this Vineet’s turn came, during which he said, “Maine sabse baat karne ki koshish ki,” to which Kangana replied, “To aisa kro Vineet ye laat uthao or khudko hi maar lo.”

After this, Mandana chooses Ali Merchant and said about him, “My friend who is sometimes getting flamed by everyone. So…”

Then Shivam’s turn came in he chooses Vineet and said, “Wo jo kamzor kadi kon to wo Vineet Bhai hain mere liye.”

After this, Karanvir’s turn came in. He chooses Shivam and said, “Lekin ek banda hai jo Rukta hi nahi hai.”

After this, Munawar comes. He also chooses Shivam and said, “Bahut jaldi maan jaata hai jo nahi maanna chaiye or jo maanna chaiye wo maanta hi nahi hai.”

At last, Azma came and chooses Mandana, saying, “Mera to dil kr rha asli waali laat maaru, to main ye laat iske pichwaade pe.” Azma hits hard Mandana so much that this instigates Mandana and forced her to retaliate.

Watch tomorrow’s judgement episode if you wanted to know more.