Lock Upp: Fans shower their love on Munawar Faruqui as they trend “UNSTOPPABLE KING MUNAWAR” on Twitter

Fans trend “UNSTOPPABLE KING MUNAWAR” to cheer him up and tell everyone that he is still in game.

The Lock Upp reality show is now changing its colours every day as most of the contestants are now playing individual games in pursuit of becoming more bada**. But in this process, many relations are taking their last breath and many contestants are now in a transition mode, most notably Munawar Faruqui. The contestant who just not played stunningly but also made several precious bonds is going through a lot.

In a recent Arena task, his best friend Anjali Arora along with Saisha Shinde allegedly ditched him in order to play individually. Munawar was flabbergasted to know that this is all executed by Anjali, whom he considered his best friend and with whom his bond became so famous that it got a separate hashtag and that is #MunJali. Even after, several days have passed, we can still see that Muanwar is still in a shock and is now playing in a different mood.

That’s why his fans trended “UNSTOPPABLE KING MUNAWAR” on Twitter to show that he is still the most popular contestant on the show and can still reach the finale on his own. “UNSTOPPABLE KING MUNAWAR” trended at 7th position on Twitter’s trending list while garnering 53.4K Tweets. Have a look at some of his fans’ reactions:

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