Lock Upp: Family members of the contestants to decide which kaidis will be in the charge sheet

In the upcoming episode of lock upp the family members of the contestants will get a chance to decide who should be there in the charge sheet.


In the reunion with the family members was all about emotions and happiness. But now it looks like there will be trouble time for the contestants as in the upcoming episode fans will get to see that the family members have got a chance to select a name of the contestant who will be there. The jailor has given the chance to select one name from the contestant other than Azma and Shivam, who will be locked in the charge sheet.

Among the family member of the contestants, Anjali’s mother took the name of Payal, and gave the reason that she is the one who always troubles and disturbs Anjali. When the turn came towards Azma’s mother she said I will select Anjali as because it was very wrong what had happened with Azma, if there was some other girl she would even face the same thing just like Azma. Shivam’s father took Anjali’s name and said, she is someone who might be a faithful friend outside but she is not during the game. Poonam Pandey got selected for the charge sheet as because there is no such fight from her side to win the game. Whereas Payal’s name got an entry in the charge sheet as because she is always seen getting personal.