Lock Upp: Did Anjali Arora’s boyfriend send her a special message inside the jail? The former’s mother arrives with a surprise

Anjali Arora’s mother delivers a message to her from her boyfriend.

Lock Upp’s first season is nearing its conclusion. Almost ten days before the finals, the show featured a family week, which proved to be a nice break for not only the prisoners but also for the public. Anjali Arora’s mother was the first family member to enter the jail, and her recommendations, sarcasm, and remarks left everyone stunned.

When Anjali saw her mother approaching her, she became very emotional. Following an emotional reunion, her mother offered her some words of wisdom. Anjali asked her mother whether everything was alright at home shortly after their encounter.

While her mother responded, she took her boyfriend’s name and inquired about his well-being. Anjali said, “Akash kaisa hai?” to which her mother answered, “Miss kar raha hai.” After a brief exchange, her mother informed her that Akash had requested her to deliver his message “I miss you” to her.

Anjali, who was overjoyed to learn this, sat down with her mother to talk about her game and other topics.

For unknown, Anjali was recently seen discussing her boyfriend with Munawar Faruqui. She told him that he is also funny like him. She also told that she wants Munawar to meet his boyfriend after the show end.

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