Lock Upp: Contestants give different tags to each other based on what they are! Have a look

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, fans will get to watch how the contestants will give different tags to each other, on the basis of what they are.

In the most controversial reality show hosted by Kangana Ranut, the days of the grand finale is heading nearer and nearer. Fans will get to witness a lot to keep themselves entertaining. The things in the jail, is further going to get heated up as the new game which is given to the contestant says, they need to give tags to each other.  This time each of them are given a chance to give tags to each other on the basis of the work they do inside the jail. Everyone keeps their bonds and their friendships aside and give tags, on the basis of work. Saisha says Payal is the one who plays the victim card. On hearing this Payal says, “Payal is not a victim.”

Munawar gives the batameez kaidai hashtag to Anjali. Prince on the other says, “mujhe lagta hai iss ghar mei Payal sabse zadya aggressive hoti hai, jab unko lagta hai ki cheese unki jasi nahi ho rahi hai.” Shivam also says, “batameez aurat, muh pe thukh rahi hai.” After hearing this Payal gets furious and is seen slamming Shivam. The posts are displayed on the screen where the names of the contestants will flash against what they are and how they all behave in the jail.