Lock Upp: Azma Fallah’s mother puts Anjali Arora’s name in the charge sheet during family week

During the family week segment of the Lock Upp reality show, Azma’s mother put Anjali’s name for immediate “lockout.”


Lock Upp is nearing the end of its run, and we have already seen that Shivam Sharma became the first finalist of the show. Now, we will have to wait for a few more days for the revelation of more finalists for the show. The game’s competitiveness level is increasing, and the participants are leaving no stone left in order to put their best foot forward. To add to the show’s intrigue, the creators have planned to incorporate a family week, during which viewers will witness convicts’ family members visit them in the Lock Upp.

According to reports, Azma Fallah’s mother is going to visit her daughter at the Lock Upp residence, bringing “makeup” and “kaala dhaga.” Azma breaks down and sobs uncontrollably while hugging her mother.

Azma’s mother hugs Payal and Shivam and expresses gratitude for their assistance in caring for her daughter when she was being physically attacked. Payal and Shivam both place their hands on her mother’s feet.

While Azma’s mother expresses gratitude, she also cautions Anjali about her daughter’s mistreatment. She chooses Anjali Arora’s name for immediate “Lockout” when she is granted a special ability to place a competitor on the charge sheet.

The family might arrive as visitors or remain for a week, both of which are sure to generate a lot of interest in the controversial reality programme.