Lock Upp: Azma Fallah wants to marry G6, as she feels no one wants to marry her outside the jail

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, Azma Fallah is seen asking G6 that she wants to marry him.


In the most famous OTT show lock upp, the controversies of Azma Fallah is one of the main topic of the show. Azma Fallah is one such contestant who is known for creating more and more controversies within the show. This time she is seen asking G6 that will he marry her. Azma finds him and says him, “G suno baat serious hai, asi haarkate hai meri ki bahar ladke mujhse shaadi nahi karna chahte.” Azma goes in front of G6 and asks him directly that will he marry her. Azma says are you bald? Azma goes on to say in front of G6, that my mother was looking for you everywhere. Azma says to G6, ther her mother wants Azma to marry G6 because no one outside the jail is ready to marry her, because of whatever she does in the jail.

Munawar on hearing all this says, G6 is already married. To which Azma replies, “kuch nahi hota ajj kaal toh log das das shaadiyaan karke chupke chupke baate hai, ek Pune mei, Mumbai mei, Delhi mei, Goa mei. Karte hai log bass ladka hona chaiye naah. Azma says the boy must be ready rest if he is married for three four or five times there is no problem in that. To which Munawar replies, “but the reason is he doesn’t want you.”