Lock Upp: Azma Fallah taunts Munawar Faruqui as she mimics him

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, Azma Fallah is seen taunting Munawar Faruqui as she does his mimicry. Prince Narula says, “usko finale ki top 2 mei khada hona hai.”

In the most controversial show lock upp, the days of the finale are coming nearer and nearer and with that fans are witnessing a lot of twists and turns. Azma Fallah goes on to do the mimicry of Munawar and says, once Munawar had told har, “while lying down in bed and by doing nothing I have reached here.” On hearing this Munawar says, “Yaha tak pauch gaya?” on hearing this Munawar says, I have to reach new heights also, I have not reached that place still where I should have reached, there are many more things still left. After this Prince says to Azma, “He wants to stand in the top two of the finale.”

On hearing this statement from Prince Azma says why just top two, doesn’t he wants the trophy and win the show. On hearing this Prince then says, “I am the one who will win the show and will take the trophy with me.” Azma says even I will be there at that point of time, with you. After hearing all this Munawar is seen doing a shayrai, and says, “aankehen laal ab kaali raat ho jayegi, daard likhne baathu shyaari ho jayegi, jitney dur mei baat jaane wali hai utni dur kinki soch bhi nahi jayegi.”