Lock Upp: Azma Fallah feels everyone in the jail is extremely ‘atyaachari’ towards her

In the lock upp leak Azma Fallah is seen complaining about the type of things she is seeing around her which makes her extremely annoying.


In the most controversial show lock upp, Azma Fallah is one such contestant who is known for her pranks and her cuteness. Through her actions in the jail, she grabbed everyone’s attention in the jail. This times she comes up in the front of the camera and complains about the misbehavior that is happening with her in the jail. Azma goes on to say, “Zaalim log, atyaachari log, agar inka buss hale toh phir yeh jo chaamchi ghusa ki paani ka naal block ka de, taki Azma paani bhi naa pio.”

Azma goes on to mention, that everyone is trying to be extremely atyaachari with her so that she cannot do her work peacefully in the jail, or she can’t even stay peacefully inside the jail. Azma says if these people want they can even take her things and will keep them hidden so that she could not find them and in turn, she would suffer extremely. Azma says, “itne zaalim log hai.” Azma says these people can even trouble her to some another level where they can even hide the toilet roll from her so that she can’t use them and face extra trouble in the jail. Azma says, “Itne zadya Zaalim log hai yah ape sab yaha pe.”