Lock Upp: Azma Fallah feels blessed that the reality show happened to her; Have a look at what she has to say

In the lock upp leak, Azma Fallah is saying about her journey in the jail. Azma opens up about the things that she has done in the jail.

In the most controversial show lock upp just before the day of grand finale, everyone sits with the jailor and the warden to share the experience about their journey that they all have gone through in the jail. Azma Fallah also opens up about herself and the kind of journey that she has gone through in the jail. Azma starts by saying, “agar meri koi bhi baat apko buri lagi ho toh mujhe maat karna, mei ap sabse maafi rahi hu, agar koi bhi baat buri lagi ho toh please mujhe maaf kar dena ap log.”

Azma says, “mei ek aasi reality show pe hu jaha mene kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki mei kabhi pauch payungi, pichle reality show mei, mei sabse pehli contestant thi jo nikaal gayi thi sab logo ne meri haar kate dekh k mujhe pehle bhagga diya tha.”  Azma says, “This reality show is a blessing for her, as because when she left her house for the show she thought that she would only stay in the show for just ten days.”  Azma says all the contestants have showered love on her and including her fans who have supported her till date. Azma again says, “During my entire journey in this show I have said a lot of words hurting which would hurt others, but again I want to ask you all that if ever I had made any mistake please forgive me.”