Lock Upp: Azma Fallah demands more footage in the show; says, “Finale se pehle jyada popularity chaiye”

In the lock upp leak, Azma Fallah comes in front of the camera and is seen saying, “I should get more and more popularity and footage before the finale.”


In the most controversial show lock upp, Azma Fallah is the one who wants more and more footage and popularity before entering into the finale. As she comes in front of the camera and says to do give her more footage and popularity.  Azma says, “tuchu zinda hai! hi tuchu” She then goes to hug the camera. Azma says, “How are you are you all right and even I am all right too!” After which she says, “I have got the opportunity where I have stepped one step forward towards the ticket to finale.”

Azma goes on to say, “ek Kadam pass a chuki hu mei!” i have reached one step closer towards the ticket to finale. Azma says to the camera that it should give all the footage to her. Azma touches the camera and says, “tumhe make sure karna hai, ki tum kisi ko bhi footage maat do, sirf aur sirf mujhe capture karo.” During the ticket to finale task, I should get all the coverage, so that the ticket to finale comes to me. That’s why you should only give the footage to me and no one else inside the jail, and that’s the reason why I have done a friendship with you.