Lock Upp: Azma Fallah becomes the third contestant to win the ticket to finale

In the list of the finalists, there is a new name added on now and it is Azma Fallah, the wild card entry is the third one to grab her position as the third finalist of the show.

The countdown of the most controversial show lock Upp’s grand finale has already begun among the fans. The show has given unlimited entertainment, and a series of controversies related to the contestants. A number of tasks took place to decide who is going to stay in the jail. The fist finalist of the show was Shivam Sharma and Munawar Faruqui. Joining the list of the finalists is Azma Fallah.

Azma is also known as the “chota packet bada dhamaka”, in the show. Azma is known for creating a lot of mess and disputes in the jail. She also does pranks upon the other contestants and is also seen hiding things, which in turn creates a huge mess. Azma is known for creating huge fights with Mandana Karimi and Zeeshan Khan. She at times, teamed up with Shivam Sharma and was seen doing all kinds of pranks. Azma is also known for creating a lot of happy moments too among the contestants. Even Ekta Kapoor also took the name of Azma during the time she came in the “judgment day.” Azma is also known for having a good bond with Shivam Sharma as she is seen sharing every jokes, with him and even teams up with him to do the pranks on others.