Lock Upp: Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi are having a tough time inside the “Pinjra”

In the Lock Upp leak, both Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi face issues inside the “pinjra.” They both get confused on thinking that how would they sleep inside the “pinjra”, during night.

In the most controversial show Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah are going through a really tough time while adjusting themselves inside the pinjra. Ali Merchant gives them some ideas that how could they figure out inside the cage. Ali says that, “Azma tum Mandana ki goodi mei leth jao,.” Azma gets confused that how they will spend the night, and how they will sleep. Mandana says that, “then I have to hug you and sleep.” When Mandan tries to hug Azma. She starts to shout loud and says, “Don’t touch me.” “gala daba degi”. “Raat ko gala daba degi mera.”

Ali gives them the idea that “nahi nahi cuddle karna ek dusre ko.” “Cuddle each other snuggle each other.” Mandana says that “I am too long.” Azma gives her the idea that just put your legs outside the cage. Manda says that, “ask the jailor when can we go out?”  Azma asks Ali who has the responsibility of cleaning, Mandana says the name of Anjali.  Azma says that no it is the responsibility of the orange team to clean, to which Mandana replies that Anjali is now in the Orange team only. Azma says that whoever has the duty of cleaning just ask them to clean.