Lock Upp: Atyachari Khel ‘hands up’, is all set to test the patience of all the contestants

In the upcoming episode of the most controversial OTT show Lock Upp, contestants need to give their patience test. The name of this Atyachari Khel is “hands up.”

In the upcoming episode of Lock Upp, the contestants need to show their patience skills. The name of the upcoming game is “Hands up.” The Atyachari khel is all about weight lifting, the bags are tied down and contains 2 kgs of weight. The catch in the game is while performing the players of both blue and orange keep need to praise and talk to each other about how they are. Both the teams are seen praising each other.

The moment anyone looses and the weight falls down that player needs to get out from the game. Both the teams are seen praising each other. Karanvir tries to talk to Azma, and says “kya baat hai Azma.” To which Azma replies that, “don’t talk, to me I am busy.” Zeeshan tells that Azma is not following the rules of the game and while she is talking to someone her one hand is seen resting on her head. Anjali replies that she is still holding the weight and is standing. It is seen that Ali’s shoulders are paining, and Anjali is seen rubbing her hands over his shoulder.  Payal indicates towards Saisha and says that the weight of hers had fallen down. To which Saisha gets angry and says “no, yeh bass move hua, I am not going to hear anything nonsense.” Anjali asks that weather she can hold Ali for 2 minutes to which Orange team gets furious and says “NO.” Anjali tells them, “apse pucha don’t tell me.”