Lock Upp: Anjali Arora breaks down as she talks about surviving in the jail without her mother; Have a look

Contestant Munawarar Faruqui, Anjali Arora and Shivam Sharma are seen conversing in the common area of the jail, where Anjali Arora reveals about how she coped up for so many days without her mom.

Lock Upp makers who recently decided to surprise kaidis with a visit of their loved ones. Where our favourite Anjali Arora’s mom visited her, Anjali Arora broke down seeing her mom. She and other inmates were quite thrilled to meet her mom who also spilled some secret beans to Anjali Arora and other contestants.
Later in the recent episodes Anjali Arora along with Munawar Faruqui and Shivam Sharma is seen hanging and conversing in the common area of the jail, where Shivam Sharma says that his Dad has unknowingly taken away the warrant with him, for which other two inmates console him and reassure him that there are not going to be any issues regarding the same.
Munawar Faruqui mentions that Anjali Arora’s mom is the one who spent the most time in the jail, to which Anjali Arora replied saying she needed to talk to her mom the most when she was given the ‘sazaa’ says she requested a lot infront of the camera says, “ parso jab mai yaha aayi nah, jab meri sazaa start hui tab maine camera me bahot request kari……” “ ro ro ke bola, aur mummy kehrahi hai parso raatko phone aagaya tha”.
Anjali Arora later adds how important it was for her to meet her mom at this point in the jail says, “bahot zarurat thi yaar, iss time pe bahot zyada zarurat thi”.