Lock Upp: Ali Merchant loses his calm on Mandana Karimi as she throws baseless allegations on him

In the judgment episode of Lock Upp, something new is being revealed by Mandana Karimi. She directly throws allegations against Ali Merchant.

During the Judgment episode of Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi raises the topic of bathroom incident and throws allegations on Ali Merchant. Manadana recalls the incident which took place in the bathroom, and the incident was done by Ali. After hearing that Ali tells that he wants to know about what she is telling as because she is directly throwing allegations. Manadana goes on to tell about the incident which took place but then she tells, “I can’t talk in front of everyone”. She further tells that the incident is very disgusting and she can’t disclose it in front of everyone present in the show. Mandana goes on to throw allegations against Ali by saying that the incident which took place was very disgusting and how could someone commit such an incident when they are sharing space with so many women.

Kangana takes the situation very seriously and asks Mandana to share the incident which took place in the bathroom. Mandana tells that she can’t tell the incident because it is very disgusting. Indirectly she mentions through her statements that whatever Ali had done in the bathroom was very wrong. Upon hearing that, Ali tells that, “This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen” and got furious at Mandana.