Lock Upp: A new bond to be seen between Anjali Arora and Payal Rohatgi? Here’s what we know

In the lock upp it is seen that Anjali Arora is trying to work on her bonds with Payal Rohatgi. As she tries to talk to her in a very sweet manner.

In the most controversial show lock upp the disputes and the fights in between contestants is a very common thing. Which takes place every now and then, even after all the fights the contestants try to solve out the disputes among themselves. After the huge fight between Anjali Arora and Payal Rohatgi, took place were Payal’s belongings were destroyed by Anjali as because Payal had broken the cup of Anjali gifted by Munawar. Their fight seemed to get messier day by day, but now Anjali is trying to solve out things.

Azma says that she had seen Anjali writing about Payal, that, “PA aur ladai maat karna, ase kuch.” Which this it is clear that Anjali is trying to tell Payal that don’t fight. Anjali comes to Payal and try to make out things alright, but Payal doesn’t seem to hear her out. She says, to Azma that, “Azma mera raasta saaf karne ko bol, please yaar kisko haat lagega phir meri cheezo ko kata jayega.” Payal tells all these as Anjali keeps standing in front of her. Poonam meanwhile comes from behind and takes Payal away from Anjali. On the other hand when Munawar sees Anjali, he tries to talk to her, as he asks her, “all good Anjali?”