Little Things Season 4 actors Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal talks about their friendship

Little Things actors Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal opened up on their respective love lives.

Little Things Season 4 is nearby, and in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, it’s stars Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal talk about their friendship. Says, “From the time we barely knew each other, I remember in the first season we didn’t really speak much. It was also a small shoot, 12-13 days. I was also figuring a lot of things out, and she had just come from shooting Muramba. We didn’t speak much then, but over the years, because we have spent so much time together, you get to know the other person. It’s a nice cute little friendship, like we describe it. Lot of respect and mutual admiration, and a lot of care for each other.”

Nonetheless, Mithila rushes to respond that they aren’t regularly in touch. “You would imagine that these guys have been working together for many years, they must be best friends. We aren’t, and we know that. Yet there is a very sweet friendship that we share. We have each other’s back, we know that we will be there for each other, we love and respect each other and care for each other. It’s a very sweet friendship, in fact I cherish this a lot. I am sure even after Little Things, it’s not that we are going to forget about each other. Even if we talk once in six months, we know that one message of, ‘Hi, are you doing fine? How are your parents?’, is enough for us to know that we care. We don’t have to make big strokes about that,” says Mithila.


The actor likewise talk about their love lives. Dhruv informs that he got married recently. “Two-three months back. Pandemic shaadi. Saste mein nipat gaya, to someone that I knew since college,” he shares.

Mithila adds, “I am single, but I resonate with the thoughts of a lot of our audience members, because the way they (Little Things’ characters Kavya and Dhruv) are so perfect in their imperfections that they make that relationship so idealistic. Now it’s like Dhruv’s ruined my life, and now I need to find that kind of (love).”