Kerala to soon open up its state owned OTT platform, ‘C-Space’- Check details here

Kerala becomes the first state in India to unveil its over-the-top (OTT) platform. C-Space is a new state-owned OTT platform, which will be revealed by the Kerala government next month. As the Malayalam cinema is flourishing in different parts of India, the authorities have decided to give it momentum and increase its reach.

The platform is being developed under the banner of Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC). It is funded by the state government and has been aimed at providing a wider platform for small-scale and high-budget films, documentaries and independent films to reach out to the masses across borders.


Chairman of KSFDC, Shaji N Karun stated that the films which are presented at their festivals are only viewed by the delegates. And even if they get a theatrical release, the movies are viewed by the people of Kerala only. Therefore, movies showcased at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) or movies that win state awards should get a wider reach. Even the audience across the nation should get a chance to view these movies. We need to bring cinema to people as it is our responsibility.

The director even stated that they needed to change the quality of the audience. As many Tamil, and Telugu films have attained high-scale appreciation at the box office, it is their call to change the behavioural pattern of the audience. Malayalam cinema is getting popular amongst the masses and gaining a new audience. Therefore, C-Space comes at a viable time when cinema is getting diversified.

Only Malayalam movies and content will be streamed on the OTT platform—also, those movies which haven’t gotten their theatrical release. The decision to upload specific content on the platform will be decided by a panel of 60 experts, who could be writers, filmmakers and historians.

The payment mode on the OTT platform will be different than that of other streaming platforms. Viewers will have to pay around Rs 75 to watch one film, which is probably less than what he/she pays at the theatre. If the OTT service is accepted widely, then monthly and annual packs will be unveiled, depending on the response.