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Hijack Season 2: Will Sam Nelson’s journey continue? Here’s everythig you need to know

For those seeking a mind-blowing television masterpiece, “Hijack” is an absolute must-watch. The high-octane series has taken viewers on a gripping journey, and while the good news of flight KA29’s safe landing brings relief, the bad news awaits – it’s time for Sam Nelson to return home and seek much-needed rest after a harrowing and perilous flight.

Sam Nelson, portrayed by the talented Idris Elba, is no stranger to life-threatening situations, considering his risky profession. While we’re not about to spoil any surprises, the intense narrative of “Hijack” has enthralled audiences, making it one of Apple TV+’s standout offerings. Before diving deeper, let’s applaud the creators George Kay and Jim Field Smith, as well as the remarkable cast and crew who brought this series to life. Directors Jim Field Smith and Mo Ali’s seasoned expertise has left an indelible mark in the industry.


With that recognition in mind, the burning question for fans is whether “Hijack” Season 2 is in the cards. As of now, the fate of the series remains undecided. This is an interesting development, particularly because “Hijack” has been labeled as a Limited series. For fans fearing an abrupt conclusion, there’s a glimmer of hope. Idris Elba himself has voiced his enthusiasm for reprising his role as Sam Nelson.

In an interview with Variety, he shared, “What would be the acceptable scenario that he comes back? Because we’ve thought about this, and obviously Apple has gone, ‘Well, we really love the show.’ And I think, you know, Rotten Tomatoes is at 92% at the moment, which is a good sign, but it’s kind of like — he’s not a cop — what would be the acceptable Sam Nelson return? And if I’m honest, I’m not sure. I’d like that, but I just don’t want to put him on another hijack. I’m open to that character coming back. I think if people were compelled to like the character, then I’m in.”

The anticipation surrounding the potential return of “Hijack” Season 2 is palpable, with the cast and crew equally eager to revisit this intense universe. In the realm of Apple TV+ scripted series, renewals for mini-series are a rarity. However, given the enthusiastic response and outstanding ratings the show has garnered, optimism prevails. The verdict ultimately lies in the hands of the decision-makers, leaving fans on tenterhooks as they await the outcome.

In conclusion, “Hijack” has left an indelible mark on the streaming landscape, offering a suspenseful and adrenaline-pumping experience. While the future of “Hijack” Season 2 remains uncertain, the characters’ compelling stories and Idris Elba’s commitment to Sam Nelson’s journey fuel hopes for another chapter. As viewers keep their fingers crossed, they eagerly await news of Apple TV+’s decision, hoping for the chance to delve into new heights of tension and intrigue in a possible second season.