Falaq Naaz shares her opinions about Pooja Bhatt; Find out

Recently, Falaq Naaz, one of Bigg Boss OTT 2’s most talked-about contestants, left the show. She recently spoke with the media and revealed details of her time in the Bigg Boss OTT house, her interactions with other participants, and her unfiltered opinions about Pooja Bhatt.

Falaq and Pooja Bhatt had a unique friendship while she was on Bigg Boss OTT, which many people cherished. Falaq recently admitted to feeling a little irate with Pooja during a media interview. It’s “Achchi hai bahut.” Falaq kindly remarked, “Ek jagah hai mere dil mein unke liye but mein naraj hoon unse.


Falaq replied bluntly when asked why she was disappointed, “Kyun ki woh mujhe bhi bol sakti thi samne se ki nahin milegi mujhse bahar aake. Bebika could have told me up front that she won’t meet me outside the house, but she chose to laugh instead. It wasn’t necessary to inform Bebika Dhurve about this.

Falaq’s disclosure was all the more surprising because Pooja and Falaq were clearly friends on the show, talking in depth to one another.

Falaq originally tried to sidestep the subject with a fast “Ok, bye” and exit when she was questioned about Avinash Sachdev, another participant with whom she had a strong relationship. She didn’t hesitate long, though, and joked, “Avinash Sachdev tum game khelo. Toh rokne wala tumhe ab koi bhi nahi hai, main bahar aa gayi hoon (laughs).