Everything you need to know about Netflix’s upcoming rom-com ‘Love at First Sight’

Vanessa Caswill’s 2023 romantic comedy-drama film “Love at First Sight” stars Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy. The story revolves around two strangers who meet on a journey from New York to London and fall in love before being separated at customs. Netflix will release the film on September 15, 2023.



On a trip from New York to London, Hadley and Oliver become entangled in an unexpected love tale. Their relationship, however, takes an unforeseen turn when they lose sight of each other throughout the customs process. Will they be able to conquer the obstacles and reunite despite the enormous odds?

Release Date

September 15, 2023

Where to Watch Love at First Sight

On Netflix


Haley Lu Richardson

Ben Hardy

Rob Delaney

Sally Phillips

Jameela Jamil
Dexter Fletcher

Other Details

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 90 mins

Director(s): Vanessa Caswill

Writer(s): Katie Lovejoy

Cinematography: Luke Bryant

Music: Paul Saunderson, Ben Hardy,

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Companies: Ace Entertainment, Netflix