Everything we know about ‘In Love All Over Again’ Season 2

In Love All Over Again is Spanish Tv series created by Carlos Montero. The series was released on Valentine’s Day this year and gained the audience’s love as soon as it aired. The first season of the series is just over yet and the audience already wants to know about the second season of the series. There are no official announcements about the second season but it is safe to say that it will just be a matter of time before creators announce Season 2. Also, the first season ended with a mystery so there are high possibilities that the series will have a second season.

The series shows the story of Julio and Irena, the story is not like other stories which shows happily ever after endings, the series shows the ugly side of Julio and Irena’s relationship. The series tries to convey the audience that no matter how many times, If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.


Irena is an ambitious women who arrives in Madrid to become a film director. She is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, Fer. She wants to casts Julio as the main lead in her short film. They drift apart & years later, Irena is getting married, on her wedding day, she finally finds the courage to watch the film Julio made for her. After watching the film, she leaves him an emotional voice note. Julio then tells Irena that he’s been offered a role in big film and that he will agree only if Irena will be the director. The last episodes ends at this point leaving the audience full of suspense and eager to watch a second season.

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