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Doctor Who 2022 specials: Release dates, Plot, Trailer, and so much more


It won’t be long before the third Doctor Who 2022 special airs. “It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for,” Before becoming the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, famously stated, and it appears that this is still true today.

We were promised three additional specials after the last series ended before the start of the next full season and the appointment of a new Doctor. There is just one more adventure left until we bid the 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, farewell and welcome the 14th Doctor, now that “Legend of the Sea Devils” is ended!

It appears that Jodie will be leaving on a high note because her last feature-length adventure has a tonne of notable antagonists and spectacular guest actors scheduled.


Doctor Who 2022 Specials Release date

The first episode, “Eve of the Daleks,” debuted on January 1 on BBC One and BBC America.

On April 17, also known as Easter Sunday, “Legend of the Sea Devils” broadcast on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, and BBC America. As part of the BBC’s 100th birthday festivities, the third and last Doctor Who special, “The Power of the Doctor,” will show at some point this autumn, though the Beeb has not yet set a precise date.


Doctor Who 2022 Specials Plot

For the first time since “The Curse of the Black Spot” in 2010, The Doc travels across pirate territory. In that narrative, the Doctor encountered English pirate Henry Every, and a historical character also served as the subject of “The Legend of the Sea Devils.”

The Doc, Yaz, and Dan travel to a little seaside town in 19th-century China where they meet Madame Ching, a ferocious pirate queen. Ching, according to mythology, went from being a prostitute to being the captain of more than 300 ships and the head of more than 180,000 pirates.

Our three set off on a daring expedition in the special, where they encountered a beloved classic Who monster (more on that later!) Fans weren’t very thrilled with Dan’s crazy pirate costume or the Doc revealing her emotions for Yaz; rather, it was the other antics that caught their attention.


Doctor Who 2022 Specials Trailer

Yes! On April 2, the BBC unveiled an action-packed video for the upcoming special, urging viewers to fasten their seatbelts. It displayed the Sea Devils’ might in action and hinted at a far larger finned menace that lurks beneath the surface of the water.