David Beckham’s docu series titled “Beckham” to be an October release on Netflix; Trailer out

Netflix has released the trailer of the upcoming docuseries named Beckham. The docudrama will be showcasing the life trajectory of the renowned soccer player David Beckham. The series will be streaming on Netflix from the 4th of October.


The trailer unveils David’s early life as a child before he joined the club Manchester United. He says in the backdrop that he was never really good in school and always wanted to play football. The upcoming series will project his primal experiences in East London. Also, he narrates his relationship with Victoria Beckham. The promotional video also shows interviews with her, revealing how they kept their relationship a secret.

The video focuses on David’s struggles and how he came to be the most fashionable and talented soccer player of all time. It will cover his association with Real Madrid and the controversial conflict with Manchester United’s manager Alex Ferguson.

The documentary will have four episodes in total. It is directed by the Oscar-winning director Fisher Stevens and producer John Battsek. The series will also feature interviews with other family members and friends showcasing how Beckham’s life took an intriguing turn in shaping his career. It will also put emphasis on his major fallbacks and interesting insights from his modest past.