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Check out where was the third season of the Netflix series “Outer Banks” filmed

Outer Banks Season 3 was shot in Charleston, South Carolina, and Barbados.


The Outer Banks have long been renowned for its treasures, nonstop excitement, and seductive romance. In addition to being overflowing with swoon-worthy holiday spots, Outer Banks does all in its ability to make its surroundings as beautiful as is humanly possible.

Fans have been wondering where this paradise on earth is or whether it is a set ever since Outer Banks season 3 began streaming on Netflix. To set the record straight, it was really shot in Charleston, South Carolina, and Barbados, where the series was filmed.

Outer Banks Season 3 was heavily filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, just as in its previous two seasons. Due to North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ+ law, also known as the “bathroom bill,” the state was picked over its northern rival. We are now aware of the precise locations of several of these parameters. In Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, the majority of the boat scenes on the water took place. The chateau is technically located in Charleston’s Secessionville Historic District, but Sarah Cameron actually calls Lowndes Grove, a wedding and event facility, her home. Lowndes Grove is situated along the banks of the Ashley River.


While the third season of OBX gives the impression that it is set all over the world (including Venezuela, Basseterre in St. Kitts, and the Guadeloupe Islands), it was filmed in Barbados and Charleston, South Carolina.

From the supposedly deserted island known as Poguelandia to street scenes in Bridgetown, the port city and capital of the island nation, Barbados serves as the background for everything. While it hasn’t been proven, it appears that St. John Parish Church represents the church that plays a significant part in the events that take place on the island. The lovely, Gothic-style building was initially constructed around 1645. According to Tourism Barbados, it has been destroyed by a hurricane and rebuilt more than once since it first existed. The current structure has been standing since 1836.