Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Nominations created a Big Brawl in the house

Bigg Boss Non-Stop, the Telugu OTT version began yesterday the show is to be hosted by Nagarjuna who introduced the 18 contestants. The former contestants, who entered the show are called warriors, whereas the newbies are called Challengers. The first nomination took place yesterday itself and turned out to be a big brawl between the warriors and the challengers.

Among the warriors Mumaith Khan, Mahesh Vitta, Ashu Reddy, Ariyana Glory, Akhil Sarthak, and Natraj entered the OTT version of the show.

Master Natraj who came into the house as a warrior got emotional during the nomination session as RJ Chaitu nominated him and accused him of body shaming, as he had been a survivor of body shamming from a very young age and cannot tolerate it anymore. Natraj justified himself by saying that he did it just for ‘Fun.’

After this, the team warriors got nominated for ‘trying to highlight’ the body-shaming issue and using it as a reason during the task that the contestants performed earlier in the day. Then Natraj’s master alleges Chaitu, Sravanthi, and other challengers of pre-planned targeting before entering the house itself. However, all of them say that that is not true and they had not planned any such thing beforehand.


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