Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan to make an exit from the show, following mounting pressure regarding #MeToo allegations; Salman Khan is helpless too

Sources close to Bigg Boss have revealed that Sajid Khan will be evicted from Bigg Boss house in the coming week.

Bigg Boss 16 seems to be enveloped in controversies, fights, love angles, brawls and lot more. All this has been a part of Bigg Boss since forever, but this season seems to be taking this many notches higher. Recently, when Bigg Boss was premiered on October 1 on Colors TV, the host Salman Khan had unveiled the curtains from all the contestants to be entering the house in Season 16. Amongst those are popular TV actress Tina Dutta, infamous for domestic violence Shalin Bhanot, the young sensation wearing shoes worth 80 grands — MC Stan and many more from varied professions across the country. But beating them all in controversies this year is a contestant well known for his lineage of Bollywood family, the #MeToo accused filmmaker Sajid Khan.

It’s just the second Weekend Ka Vaar that will be telecast tomorrow, but looks like the pressure to remove Sajid Khan from the house has been mounting ten folds every passing day. So much so that sources close to Bigg Boss have revealed that Sajid Khan will soon be evicted from Bigg Boss house. Mostly in the coming week. The repulsion from the people of India, especially influential women celebrities is forcing even Salman khan to drop his weapons in support of his friend Sajid Khan.


Someone very close to Salman had said, “The situation is very delicate for Salman, as he is very close to Sajid’s sister Farah Khan. She requested Salman to help, which he did in good faith little knowing that it would backfire so badly.”

One of the victims of Sajid’s sexual harassment is Sherlyn Chopra, who has recently revealed in a press conference that back in 2005, Sajid Khan had flashed his private parts to her and asked her to, “touch, feel and rate it.” He has also been accused of flashing his private parts in parties, watching porn in front of women and demanding actresses to send nude pictures as part of the audition process.

Along with Sherlyn, Uorfi Javed and Saloni Chopra have expressed their disgust over including Sajid Khan as a contestant in Bigg Boss’s season 16.