Anushka Sharma hints at Pataal Lok Season 2, says, “It’s quite possible”

Ever since the series ‘Pataal Lok’ landed on ‘Dharti Lok’, people can’t stop talking about it! It seems to be the ‘most talked’ about series of the year and the buzz that this crime-thriller has created, is just astounding. It may not be wrong to say, that admirers of the show are already demanding the next season of this series.

Talking about the second season, Anushka Sharma might just have hinted that directors and writers are thinking about taking this adventure into next level. In a recent interview with PTI, Anushka said, “You have to wait and watch to know more about season two. I don’t want to divulge too much but let’s just say it’s quite possible. It’s too early to talk about it but yes if Amazon is willing to do it, definitely there will be a second season. We have always stayed true to stories that we want to tell and we will continue to do that. We hope for similar appreciation in the future as well.”


The series opened with rave reviews and has been penned by Sudip Sharma, who collaborated with Anushka in NH10. Praising Sudip for his prolific writing skills, Anushka said in the same interview, “Sudip’s first film as a writer was NH10. So, we go back a long way and he’s like a brother to me. I believe in everything he writes because he is such an economical writer. He is somebody who will tell you the most complicated things in the simplest manner and most entertaining fashion and I think that is his greatest strength as a writer,”

Pataal Lok is produced by Anushka and her brother Karnesh under their banner Clean Slate Filmz and this series marked as the debut for Anushka as a producer in the digital world.