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5 heartwarming dog movies with happy endings to watch on netflix – Check out

Dog-centric films on Netflix offer a heartwarming source of entertainment that resonates with both animal enthusiasts and dog owners.  Many can recall a tear-inducing dog movie that struck a chord. As a remedy for a tiring day, snuggling up with a canine-themed film under a cozy blanket offers a therapeutic escape. Fortunately, streaming platforms like Netflix feature an array of live-action and animated dog movies, ensuring a comforting cinematic experience. Here are top 5 Happy ending movies on dogs that you should must watch on Netflix. Take a look

1. Benji


In the movie “Benji,” a stray dog named Benji enjoys the freedom of wandering around his welcoming Texas town without an owner. When two children he cares for are abducted and held for ransom, Benji takes it upon himself to thwart the criminals and rescue the kids. Throughout his courageous mission, he even develops affection for a gorgeous Maltese named Tiffany.

2. A Dog’s Journey

Bailey enjoys a blissful existence on a Michigan farm owned by his human, Ethan, and Ethan’s spouse, Hannah. He finds joy in the company of their new family addition: their granddaughter, CJ. However, a complication arises when CJ’s mother, Gloria, decides to separate them. As Bailey’s spirit readies itself for transition into a new life, he pledges to Ethan that he will locate and safeguard CJ regardless of the challenges. This commitment initiates Bailey’s journey across various lifetimes, characterized by love, companionship, and unwavering loyalty.A dog discovers the purpose of its existence by observing and engaging with the lives of the humans it encounters.

3. Rescued By Ruby

Ruby, a highly energetic half-border collie, has been adopted and returned seven times within the last six months due to her intense hyperactivity, making her difficult to train and manage. The story concludes on an emotional note, enriched by Pat’s deep emotional connection to Ruby, resulting in a heartwarming resolution.

4. June & Kopi

A youthful pair adopts a stray dog, with their household pitbull swiftly becoming a supportive ally as the new canine member settles into its affectionate new environment. The movie takes an unexpected turn towards a somber conclusion, catching the audience off guard after a predominantly cheerful and occasionally whimsical narrative.

5.A Dogs’ Way Home

Oin a female dog on a remarkable journey covering four hundred miles through the Colorado wilderness to reunite with her owner, celebrating the unbreakable bond between dogs and humans. This adventure encapsulates a blend of a compelling narrative and a satisfying conclusion.