Twitter goes berserk with Agust D’s leaked photo coming their way. Here’s how fans reacted.

While Agust D’s Apple Music profile photo was changed to an image of Suga that matches the figure in the teaser photos, it left people in quarantine super exuberent and stunned. Big Entertainment had created a massive suspense in viewers by sharing blurred and unclear posts back-to-back. However, after accidental disclose of the picture of Suga, it hugely grabbed the headlines of social media. Especially, Twitter was full of hashtags and tweets regarding this exlusive bomb news that bursted this morning. Fans were found debating and thrilled at a same time when they got to know about this news.

Suga previously released his first mixtape back in 2016 titled “Agust D,” Even then the audience were enlivened the most and again the star raper and made people unsettled with hapiness.

Here’s how fans reacted after knowing about Agust D2 coming their way:



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